Break the limits of what is creatively possible.


Based in Amsterdam, Zes Nullen believes in realizing ideas and concepts metaphorically worth “a million”. Every idea that can't be contained in a box is worth a million (Six Zeros, Zes Nullen). There is a shared motive driving all of the creatives to pull out all the stops when it comes to realizing an idea. Collaborating with others is a big part of realizing our ideas.

We don't believe in the saying “I can't do it”. Our motive is to realize projects that wouldn't seem possible at first. We strive to inspire a generation of people that strive to reach their highest potential and share this with the world. This approach will also be reflected in everything we will be producing such as clothing, music, fragrances and food. Applying the Zes Nullen mindset to all of our expressions, embracing individuality and a unique character.